This has to be the best buy I have made for the home. Easy to install. In fact I learnt how easy it is to change a toilet seat in less than ten minutes. Love the slow seat down. Definitely recommend to everyone!

Easy installation, no need to call plumbers, this non-electric toilet bidet seat can be easily installed by you in minutes
Dual nozzles and two spray mode specially designed for women, to avoid cross contamination, prevent bacterial infection, and provide refreshing cleaning and nursing experience.

Bidet Toilet Seat | Non Electric Toilet Seat Bidet | Bathroom Bidet Seat For Toilet



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Excellent modern engineering design with built-in bidet, dual nozzles design for rear cleaning and feminine cleaning.

Consume less toilet paper & save money whilst protecting the environment and enjoying a healthy life!


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Installation hardware included, with no special tools required, detailed instructions included.

Dual Function Controller

One button to control the water pressure. Dual Function for Rear Washing and Women Cleaning. Easy Operation for kids and elderly

Retractable Dual Nozzles

The Nozzles will retract when not working. Dual Nozzles for Women Cleaning and Rear Washing. They are different with water pressure and angle

Quiet and Soft Close

Seat & cover closes slowly and quietly without any loud slamming, cracked toilets and pinched fingers. Closes slowly and silently by itself.

Easy to Remove

One button push lift-off feature for easier cleaning
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What is a Bidet Toilet Seat?
A Bidet Toilet Seat is a toilet seat with integrated bidet functionality. It provides a gentle and hygienic water wash to cleanse after using the toilet, promoting better personal hygiene.
What are the benefits of using a Bidet Toilet Seat?
Using a Bidet Toilet Seat offers benefits such as improved personal hygiene, reduced use of toilet paper, relief from potential skin irritation, and a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional toilet paper.
How does a Non-Electric Toilet Seat Bidet differ from a Bidet Toilet Seat?
A Non-Electric Toilet Seat Bidet is a specific type of bidet seat that does not require electricity for its operation. It typically relies on water pressure and manual controls for functionality.
What are the advantages of using a Non-Electric Toilet Seat Bidet?
Using a Non-Electric Toilet Seat Bidet provides advantages such as easy installation without the need for electrical wiring, eco-friendly operation, and cost savings on electricity bills.
What is a Bathroom Bidet Seat for Toilet?
A Bathroom Bidet Seat for Toilet is another term used to describe a bidet toilet seat. It refers to the same product designed to be installed on a standard toilet.
Can a Bidet Toilet Seat be installed on any toilet?
Most Bidet Toilet Seats are designed to be compatible with standard toilets and can be easily installed without the need for special tools or equipment.
Are Non-Electric Toilet Seat Bidets customizable in terms of water pressure and temperature?
Non-Electric Toilet Seat Bidets may have adjustable water pressure settings, but they typically do not have built-in water heating capabilities. The water temperature is dependent on the ambient water supply.
How do I clean and maintain a Bathroom Bidet Seat for Toilet?
Bathroom Bidet Seats for Toilet are designed for easy cleaning and maintenance. They usually come with self-cleaning nozzles and simple wipe-down surfaces.
Can a Bidet Toilet Seat replace the need for toilet paper entirely?
While a Bidet Toilet Seat provides effective cleaning, some users may still prefer to use a small amount of toilet paper for drying purposes. However, it significantly reduces the reliance on toilet paper.
Are Bidet Toilet Seats suitable for people with mobility challenges?
Yes, Bidet Toilet Seats can be beneficial for people with mobility challenges as they offer a hands-free and convenient way to clean after using the toilet, promoting independence and hygiene.


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