Elderly care products, aids & equipment to help you live your best life safer & easier

As we all age, everyday activities can become more difficult to perform. The team at Assisted Living provide those new essential items easily and fast. We believe in helping people retain their independence, grace and dignity. This is why we carry a large variety of products helping with everyday living.

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Online Supply Store for Independent Living and Lifestyle Products

Assisted Living is a lifestyle and fitness online supply store. We offer discounts on home healthcare products, including durable assisting living equipment. Products found on this website foster fitness, enhance mobility, and promote independent living. Seniors can easily find products that will keep them mobile and self-reliant for years to come.

Variety and Selection

Assisted Living carries a variety of assisted living products and devices that you cannot find at local suppliers or stores. Having a large inventory and huge selection allows you to select by colour, size, shape, and other options you desire. This broad mix of products located at a single source makes it easy to choose and purchase what you want.


Assisted Living’s extensive selection of home medical supplies and lifestyle products come from the top tier manufacturers across the world. These respected companies include Becton Dickenson, CardinalHealth, McKesson, Medtronic, Philips, and many others. These corporations maintain high-standards and strive for excellence in their research, development, and production of premium home care products. 


Frequently Asked Questions

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    What dining aids are available for seniors?

    Non-slip mats, adaptive utensils, and plate guards help seniors eat independently, addressing challenges like limited grip strength.

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    What are the best mobility solutions for seniors facing severe mobility issues?

    Powered wheelchairs, mobility scooters, and stairlifts are ideal for those with severe mobility issues, offering greater independence.

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    Are there wearable senior care products for monitoring health?

    Wearable tech like health trackers and medical alert systems monitor vital signs, detect falls, and provide emergency communication.

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    How do fitness and wellness products support senior health?

    Products like low-impact exercise equipment, balance aids, and resistance bands encourage physical activity and mobility.

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    Can assisted living products be used at home?

    Yes, many products are designed for home use, offering support for seniors living independently or with family.

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    How do I choose the right elderly care products?

    Assess the individual’s needs, consult healthcare professionals, and consider products with high safety standards and positive user reviews.

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    What innovations are there in assisted living products?

    Innovations include smart home technologies for environmental control, GPS tracking devices for wander risk, and telehealth devices for remote health monitoring.

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    How do elderly care products cater to those with sensory impairments?

    Products with large print, high contrast, amplified sound, and tactile cues support seniors with vision or hearing impairments.

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    What considerations are important for senior-friendly home renovations

    Consider ease of use, accessibility, safety features, and the potential for future mobility needs in any home renovation plans.

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    Can senior care products be temporary solutions during recovery?

    Yes, many products are designed for temporary use during recovery from surgery or injury, aiding in safe and comfortable convalescence.

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    What are adaptive clothing options for seniors?

    Adaptive clothing features easy closures, elastic waistbands, and accessible designs to aid those with limited mobility or dexterity.

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    What are the best senior care products for the bathroom?

    Non-slip mats, grab bars, raised toilet seats, and shower chairs enhance bathroom safety and accessibility for seniors.

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    How can elderly care products aid in medication management?

    Products like pill organizers and automatic dispensers help manage medication schedules, ensuring doses are taken correctly and on time.

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    What are essential kitchen aids for seniors?

    Essential aids include easy-grip utensils, electric jar openers, and adaptive equipment for opening, cutting, and preparing food safely.

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    How can elderly care products improve quality of life?

    They provide support with mobility, personal care, and daily activities, reducing the risk of injury and enabling seniors to live more comfortably and independently.

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    What are assisted living products?

    Assisted living products are tools and devices designed to help individuals with daily tasks, enhancing independence and safety, particularly for seniors.

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    How to ensure compatibility of senior care products with home design?

    Choose products that match the home’s aesthetics where possible and opt for designs that are both functional and minimally intrusive.

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    How do elderly care products address incontinence issues?

    Incontinence products like waterproof bedding, absorbent underwear, and skin care items provide dignity and comfort for those affected.

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    What factors to consider when buying elderly care products online?

    Consider product reviews, return policies, warranty, and compatibility with the senior’s specific needs and living conditions.

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    Are there any outdoor safety products for seniors?

    Outdoor safety products include rollators, portable ramps, and personal alarms to assist seniors in navigating outdoor spaces safely.

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    What should I look for in mobility aids for seniors?

    Look for sturdy construction, ease of use, appropriate height settings, and comfort features like padded handles.

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    How do elderly care products support caregivers?

    They ease the physical strain on caregivers and provide peace of mind knowing that loved ones have tools to maintain their independence and safety.

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    Where can I find guidance on selecting the right assisted living products?

    Consulting with healthcare professionals, reading product reviews, and visiting specialized retailers can provide valuable guidance.

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    What bedding and sleep aids are available for seniors?

    Overbed tables, bed rails, pressure mattresses, and pillow lifts help seniors sleep more comfortably and safely.

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    How can I make a home safer for seniors with these products?

    Install grab bars, remove tripping hazards, ensure good lighting, and equip bathrooms and bedrooms with appropriate safety and accessibility aids.

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    Can assisted living products be covered by insurance?

    Some products may be covered under insurance or Medicare, especially if prescribed by a healthcare provider for specific health needs.

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    Are there senior care products that help with communication?

    Yes, products like big-button phones and voice-activated devices assist seniors with hearing, vision, or dexterity issues in staying connected.

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    Are there tech-based senior care products?

    Absolutely, there are tech-based products like wearable emergency alerts, automatic pill dispensers, and smart home devices tailored for seniors.

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    Can senior care products help with memory impairments?

    Yes, products like automated reminder devices, locator systems for misplaced items, and simple-to-use appliances assist those with memory impairments.

Assisted Living: Online Shopping for Senior Citizens & People With Disabilities

Assisted Life serves a wide range of products catering largely to the senior community. The products are specially curated keeping in mind the comfort and independence of senior citizens.

From lifestyle to general wellness, these products aim at making the day-to-day life of the elders easy and hassle-free.

With the help of a wide range of products, we aim at providing the seniors with all the support and care that they require while beginning their second innings, to help them achieve an independent lifestyle.

Assisted Life, online retail chain, is a one-stop destination that provides lifestyle and wellness solutions for the senior community.

What can you buy at Assisted Life?

• General Wellness – Simple tasks can often seem difficult to seniors due to weakness and conditions like Arthritis and Osteoporosis. Certain equipment and accessories can aid seniors to live a healthy and active lifestyle. A wide range of products included in categories like Easy Living Accessories, Hot & Cold Therapy, Massagers & Pain Relief and Medical Equipment are designed to provide the required care and support to the seniors.

• Mobility Aids – With age, seniors often lose strength and balance and are susceptible to problems relating to mobility. In order to provide the seniors safety, comfort and facilitate independent living, Assisted Life brings to you a wide range of mobility aids that includes Walkers & Rollators, Walking Stick & Crutches, Wheelchairs and their Accessories.

• Bathroom Aids – Bathrooms and washrooms can seem like a dangerous place to seniors due to increased likelihood of falls and certain mobility issues. A few alterations and upgrades can make these areas safe and easily accessible for the seniors. Assisted Life offers a range of bathroom accessories that includes different types of Commodes, Grab bars and Shower Chairs, Personal Care and Hygiene products specially curated to make bathroom, a comfortable place for seniors.

• Physio & Ortho – With age, the need for physio and ortho products increases due to joint pains, body pains etc. The numerous products under this category offer body support and after surgery care products, sub-categorised as Compression Support, Exercise & Fitness Gears, Support Splints and Traction Kits.

• Leisure – Maintaining an active lifestyle also includes therapeutic recreation activities for seniors. Therefore, Assisted Life believes that the post-retirement age is the best age to enjoy leisure activities. To make the most of this time, we have products ranging from the finest collection of Music Cards to Music Players, Games and Books.

• Smart Living – With new technology coming in every day, seniors shouldn’t straggle! To address ageing challenges and make seniors more tech-savvy, Assisted Life has a range of products which promotes smart living for seniors. The Smart Living category are further categorized as Home Care & Improvement, Home Décor, Safety & Security and Travel Accessories.

Assisted Life Global Exclusive Products

Assisted Life Global Exclusives are the premium quality products that consist of international brands that will exceed your expectations. Assisted Life Global Exclusive category>> has products ranging from Kitchen Essentials, Daily Living Essentials, Bathroom Aids and Mobility Aids.

Assisted Life’s Own

While ageing is a privilege, convenience is also critical to accompany old age.

And that is why we at Assisted Life offer a range of exclusive private label products to help the elderly live independently with comfort and dignity

Assisted Life’s Own is a one-stop shop for senior adults, offering a host of specially curated high-quality products ranging from mobility aids to safety products and personal care products to holistic health essentials.

• Mobility Aids – These include different types of walking sticks to reduce discomfort and assist walking. Individuals can buy a walking stick online and choose from different types available – to perform daily activities more safely, with confidence.

• Home Improvement – Assisted Life’s own range of home improvement products include home care security devices and useful safety products to prevent accidents, slips or falls.

• Personal Care – These include a selection of products like travel accessories, massagers, footwear, foot care accessories and easy living aids.

• Entertainment – Enjoy the gift of music with the music player that is powered by Sony Music and available exclusively only on Assisted Life’s Own.

• Health Essentials – Offering Pill Boxes and Organizers>> these devices can help senior adults manage their medicines stress free. Assisted Life’s own private label products also comprises of Zero Block>> a nutritious health drink that is a blend of ayurvedic ingredients to help maintain overall health. These health essentials can help senior adults lead a happy and healthier lifestyle.

With our exclusive line of private label products available online, we aim to help seniors stay more independent by giving them the option to shop in the comfort and safety of their home. They can easily search for products, add them to their online shopping cart, review their order and checkout with ease.

No matter the needs or demands, our aim is to let customers shop Assisted Life Private Label>> products anytime, anywhere — delivering exactly what they want, when they want it.

Assisted Life Offers

Since we love to celebrate with our customers, we make festivals much more special by giving unmatched discounts and offers to the shoppers.

During the festive season, avail discounts across various brands, categories, and products to buy gifts for friends and family. Take advantage of these deals and be among the first ones to grab discounts on Assisted Life. Sign up now on our website to avail the best offers during the Assisted Life Sale days.